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Bike Bros. Cochrane based Calgary Bike Shop with range of road bikes, gravel bikes, touring and bikepacking.

Bike Bros. | 128 River Ave, Cochrane, Ab, Canada | phone:(403)932-7010

Is Bike Shop Ownership in your Future?

Bike Bros. is known for offering knowledge based advice, a great personal shopping experience, great selection and customers who have spread the gospel. It is true, happy customers are a businesses' best marketing tool.

The biggest part of entrepeneurship is knowing yourself and matching your natural habits and skills to a business. As many "become an entrepeneur" books will tell you, you have to look inward and be realistic. All real-world businesses will put demands on your time, cost you sleep and, of course, cost money to start.

If you are like me, and just can't shake the dream of owning a bike shop, then give your head a shake. Bicycle retail is a tough, competitive game.

You have to read THIS!

So... Still Interested?

If you're still interested and have read the NBDA website regarding success rates and many of the "numbers" involved, this is where the guidance from and partnership with Bike Bros could make a big difference. Owning a bike shop is one thing (we usually call it an expensive hobby). Owning a bike shop that is profitable, sustainable and successful is another - its a business - and it is what we can help you achieve.

Through partnering with Bike Bros., you will avoid many of the pitfalls of being new to the business. From marketing to web-presence, location, store layout, staffing and product selection - if you and your region are suitable, we want to work with you to see your shop succeed.

We don't imagine a Bike Bros. in every town. We don't imagine a nationwide or international chain. All we want is to find those rare individuals who think like us, realizing a bike shop's success is related to really smart business while always working towards more people loving cycling.


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should YOU own a bike shop business?

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