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So, time to keep in shape over the winter, rehab an injury, lose some flab or prepare to beat your buddies first ride of the season. Whatever the motivation, riding a trainer in the winter is a somewhat cruel reality for any cyclist who cares about their health and fitness.

We have done the research so you don't have to. We have a selection of trainers from three brands we believe offer a good product at a good price, so you can pick the perfect one for what you need.

You'll see a number of different companies making trainers. There is some fancy talk from some companies that really doesn't mean much so your easiest option is just keep reading.

Giant Mag 2 • $259.50
3.3 lb flywheel matched with up to 882 watts of resistence

magnetic resistence and 7 levels of resistence from handlebar remote.

Easily adjustable to wheel size

Sturdy and stable frame - foldable for easy storage

Minoura LiveRide 760 • SALE $375, Reg. $449
This quality trainer can be turned into quite a sofisticated device with the addition of your iPhone. It is smooth, offers fairly high resistence and could allow you to do serious training using heartrate and power.

Giant Fluid Comp • $529.50
Up to 2000 watts of resistence from fluid resistence

No remote required: fluid units increase resistence as speed increases so bikes gears are enough

17.5 lb flywheel and "Real Road Simulation (RRS)" gives realistic feel

alloy trainer frame to keep weight down and give a stiff platform for the bike and rider to feel secure

Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Control • $759.50
Works with Kinetic Fit, Zwift and TrainerRoad on Bluetooth-connected smart phones, tablets and laptops

Massive 12-pound flywheel
Controlled resistance to simulate terrain changes in workouts and on virtual courses

Pairs with devices using Bluetooth Smart® and ANT+

Unconditional lifetime warranty on frame, two-year warranty on resistance unit
br> Max slope: 10% | Max resistance: 1800 watts at 30 mph

JetBlack Whisperdrive Smart • $1299.50
Dual Bluetooth and Ant+ wireless connectivity connects to your sensors and devices with ease, no cables to clutter.

APP controlled progressive resistance up to 2500 watts @ 16% incline

Realistic road feel with long coast down times

Virtual training experience, the WhisperDrive Smart will connect to all your social indoor training motivators like Zwift, Strava etc

SmartCharge USB, no wall charger required, the trainer uses a smart generator to create its own power. USB connection to charge your devices whilst riding

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this is riding a bike trainer indoors!

What do you need to ride indoors?

1. Bicycle
2. Trainer
3. Smooth Rear Tire
4. Front wheel block
5. Time set aside
6. Program to follow


1. Computer - power, speed, cadence, heart rate
2. Towel
3. Water Bottle
4. TV or Music
5. Mirror
6. Floor Mat
7. Quality Cycling Shorts!!!
8. Fan

Mix it UP

You want the best chance of arriving in the spring with great fitness and sanity intact? Mix it up. Don't repeat the same work outs over and over. Ride a fat bikes. There is nothing as healthy for the soul as riding outdoors and taking in nature. If you don't want to purchase a fat bike, rent one... every week or two. You will be in amazing shape physically and mentally with this approach.

Winter & Indoor training

Riding your bike on a trainer is much better than bruised hips and frost-bite. In an ideal world all our rides would be on perfect roads or singletrack but this is Canada. If high taxes and a little crappy weather is as bad as it gets then we're all extremely lucky to live here.

Fight Boredom - get a plan, a partner, a goal, a group - or all the above!

Riding indoors can be painfully boring - as are many tasks when they're done without purpose, meaning or friends. Do some searches online and you'll soon find more different routines than you could ever do. This is a big help.

while you're riding, think about posture and your pedalling. The offseason is a great time to work on pulling a tad more power out of your body through smoother, more efficient pedalling and posiiton.

As you're pedalling remember to keep the elbows loose, not locked. Think about your back and shoulders. Shoulders should not be tense and pulled up next to your head.

Look down at your legs. Your knees should run like pistons - no flopping out or in and kept the same distance apart throughout the pedal revolution (spaced directly above the feet). Think about your feet. You don't want to feel a bunch of pressure over your pedal on the down-stroke. As Phil Liggett says, you should be dancing on your pedals - light feet.

What you need to get going

Trainer Tire: Trainer Tires are smooth and very durable to handle the extra heat that builds up on trainer rollers. Do NOT use a trainer tire outdoors! If you plan to be off and on the trainer over the winter, use a smooth tire and be prepared to completely wear out the tire over the winter.

If you're going to keep up with the indoor training, having a bike computer can be a real motivator and help you get the most from your training time. You'll want a computer that senses speed off the rear wheel (your front wheel will be stationary) and cadence is an important feature too.

Beyond that, you'll want something to lift the front wheel to the proper height so your bike is level, perhaps a sweat-guard for your bike and a towel or mat on the ground - you are going to sweat!... Oh, and don't forget your water bottle.