dharco Dharco Women's Tech Tee Narradise

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From where you want to be.

Only few know the exact location of Narradise, and it’s told that this tech tee holds the map to it. Moisture-wicking, breathable and super comfy, the Narradise Tech Tee is all party, and no worries.

  • Looks like a casual tee, but with functional performance
  • Patented drirelease fabric which feels like cotton but keeps you cool, dry, comfortable and fresh
  • Drirelease technology is not a surface application (i.e. chemicals) applied to the fabric, instead the performance is 'built in' to each thread.
  • The quick-drying technology, as a result, won't 'wash out' over time.
  • This has the added bonus of also being more eco-friendly, and we like that.
  • Slim-fit, like your everyday t-shirt.

85% polyester, 15% cotton

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