DMR DMR DGRIP Flanged Thin

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Brendan “Brendog” Fairclough signature grip in the original flanged design (see #254251-01 for flangeless options)
• Lock-on grip with an internal Taperlock core, which thins towards the bar’s end, for a snug secure fit before the lock-on is even tightened (no need for an outer lockring)
• Reinforced enclosed end to protect your bars
• ¾ waffle and knurled design provides grip in all conditions whilst the ¼ classic mushroom section provides that cush and comfort
• Thin diameter = 29.8 mm
• Thick diameter = 31.3 mm
• Available in Soft (20A Kraton) or Hard (25A Vexk) for your preference in feel and durability
• 135 mm length (incl. lockring)

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