Magic Milk Hi Fiber 1 Liter

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NEW Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre race sealant is a premium product, designed to deal with both the high pressures of road race bikes (tubeless, tubed or tubular): and also the low pressures of downhill/enduro/gravel racing.

Magic Milk™: the choice of leading World Cup contenders including the Mens and Womens MTB World Champions:

Legendary Olympic Gold Medallist Bart Brentjens switched his hugely successful  CST Sandd American Eagle MTB Racing Team to us from 2019, saying, “I’m convinced about your sealant quality“…

GHOST Factory Racing, a team of female National MTB Champions, is using Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre. Anne Terpstra was #1 in 2019, and the team topped the UCI World Cup rankings!

KTM DAMA CX SMP Team, UCI Cyclocross and Marathon MTB, have converted to us as well : they race around Europe and Nicolas Samparisi won the Sardinia Rally.

KHS Factory Racing, leading US MTB/Downhill team,  are now using us: see their video on our @OKOBike Facebook page

Gamux Racing, a leading force in Downhill, also switched from the traditional tubeless brand to Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre (“your Milk is awesome!” – Dominic Tinner, Team Manager).

Zappi Racing, a UK/Italian U23 Road Race team sponsored by Holdsworth Bikes, uses Magic Milk™ Hi-Fibre in tubeless, tubed and tubular tyres – (“is going great!” Flavio Zappi)

Elevate KHS Pro Cycling Team, a top American Road Race unit who won the Tour de Taiwan 2020, score podium after podium with us.

David Rosa, 8-time Portugese MTB Champion, made his own Magic Milk video with a dramatic tyre spiking followed by a forest run!

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