WE ARE ONE We Are One Wheelset (Faction 29, I9 Hydra, Superboost, Shim. MS, 6 blt)

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Purpose - Trail bikes with under 140mm of travel are fun weapons of choice. When it comes to wheels pairing a bike with the right tool for the job is paramount. Dressing the bike with too wide of a rim does not fit the bill for these bikes. These trail bikes need a good selection of rubber, but also need to maintain their playful nature, and this is our answer. Bring on the 27mm internal width of The Faction. A rim that punches well above its weight in overall strength, but rolls as you'd want on a trail bike. Lightweight and surprisingly strong!

Tires - The tires we recommend are a range from 2.1 - 2.5

Weights - 425g per rim. Available in 29er only

- 1720g Hydra build with Race spokes, 1740g 1/1 build with Race spokes

- 1665g Hydra build with CX-Rays, 1685g 1/1 build with CX-Rays

Wheelset - All of our Revolution wheelsets are built with Industry 9 hubs and are always default 32 hole hubs. If you require something outside of the stock item, please click here for custom builds

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