Why Shop at Bike Bros.?

I believe a business has to be about more than a space with some objects for sale and people standing at a counter waiting to take your money.

Bike Bros. is here because of a passion for bikes, passion for cycling, and a passion to share the passion. Our Goal is to pass on this cycling passion, offer a warm and inviting retail experience, take care of you and your bike and offer products we believe to be best value and/or best performance.


Bike Bros award for Best Bike Shop in Calgary


Bike Bros. has been voted to the list of Best Bike Shops in Canada on CanadianCyclist.com 6 years in a row, a similar award in PedalMag.com in 2014, and MTBR.com's best rated shop in Canada.


What is the key to winning these awards? We are obsessed by making the shop as good as it possibly can be... and we recognise that is a moving target. There is always a next level the shop can achieve. Bike Bros. is also obsessed with doing right by their customers, that means doing the right thing, suggesting the right product and doing the best possible quality repair or service.


The "Ride To Live" is also a big part of the shop. We feel it is critically important that we and the staff ride a bunch. We should ride the products we sell. We should test what we sell and have first hand experience with as much of our merchandise as possible.


This is what drives us. This is what we hope we're doing that is special for you, our customer.

Thanks for the support!