2022 Pro Mountain Bike Geometry Numbers

2022 Pro Mountain Bike Geometry Numbers

Looking at Pinkbike's article where a few pro Enduro racers talk about their geometry preferences. My very brief thoughts on this.


Did anyone else read this article about the pro enduro racers preferred frame geometry?
I find it interesting that even taller pro racers often prefer shorter chainstays than those offered by companies that offer frame-size-specific chainstay lengths. Ironic that this is posted on Pinkbike, where reviewers gush about brands that offer size-specific chainstays. Those same pros also choose shorter reach numbers and longer stems than what is, "on trend".
My take-away: There is no right or wrong. If you're a pro and can remain totally focused on body positioning in hectic terrain, you can probably get away with a more compact bike. If you're a regular Joe who sometimes is caught day-dreaming and letting body position slide back, then longer bikes, chainstay and reach, probably keeps you out of the cabbage. If you look for every roller, root or rock to catch air off - I say keep the chainstays short.


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