About This Bike Shop




Bike Bros. humble beginning was in Calgary in 2003. Humble meaning a single mechanic/owner operation that focused on bicycle parts and repairs. Graham had been a long time rider and bike mechanic and after 5 years in an Engineering Company, was dying to get back in bike service & retail: Back to what he'd done since the mid '80s - working on and selling bikes.

In 2006 the shop moved from just outside Calgary's downtown core to Cochrane, Alberta. The move gave access to some prestigious brands and allowed for easier access to mountain bike trails and "ride from home" road rides. Since 2006 the shop has expanded or moved 4 times as the business grew. 

Bike Bros is now in a beautiful location that was completely gutted to make the ultimate bike shop.




Over the years, the shop has won/received a few pretty cool accolades. Bike Bros is 7 time recipient of CanadianCyclist.com's Best Bike Shops in Canada Award, 1 time recipient PedalMag Best Canadian Bike Shop award, Highest MTBR.com rating in Canada and a pretty good Google and Facebook rating. This stuff matters to to the staff at Bike Bros. Quite basically, if we aren't trying to thrill our customers with the highest possible level of service, product knowledge and product quality... would we want to do this? probably not.




Graham is founder of Bike Bros. He started in the bike biz as a teenager in 1985 and hasn't been able to quit this addiction. Riding bikes, wrenching on bikes and travelling to great riding spots are the things he loves... oh, and coffee! 

Graham is obsessed by trying to be fast, loves catching air and is always trying out new products to see what is hot and what is not.

Graham playing on his mountain bike in the Utah desert in Saint George





Andrea is Mrs. Boss. When Graham and Andrea first met she wasn't into bicycles. In fact this, "owning an expensive bike thing," was totally foreign to her. Here we are, a couple decades later, she's hooked on bikes and is a big part of the vibe in Bike Bros. 

Being a person who has gone from non-cyclist to serious cyclist, Andrea brings great perspective to bike buying, learning, developing as a rider.

Andrea riding mountain bike in Virgin Utah


Andrij is a ripper and all-rounder in the shop performing bike service, high-end bike builds, quality assurance and helping things to run smoothly.

First bike memory: accidentally drifting around a corner at a young age
Other Interests: Photography and rock climbing
Best riding experience in the last 5 years: Maydena Bike park in Tasmania
Favorite piece of cycling equipment or gear: Tubeless tires
Dream riding destination: New zealand or Iceland

mountain biker doing tabletop jump


Ben is keen on bikes and comes this way from Ontario and BC. He does a bit of everything on a bike with roots in BMX and now gravel and mountain bikes.

First bike memory: Hitting my homemade kicker to flat for hours out front my parents house.
Other Interests: Exploring the outdoors
Best riding experience in the last 5 years: A-Line with my Dad.
Favorite piece of cycling equipment or gear: 1x Drivetrains
Dream riding destination: New Zealand

Ben outside in the mountains in snow


Matt can be found at the service check-in area or helping customers on the sales floor.

First bike memory: Finally working up the courage to go off a drop just to break the frame of my bike. 
Other Interests: Rock Climbing and Mountaineering 
Best riding experience in the last 5 years: Riding in Moab Utah 
Favorite piece of cycling equipment or gear: A good quality helmet 
Dream riding destination: New Zealand 


Philip is our Dutch import and a heck of a mechanic. I can't believe how lucky we were hiring someone from a phone call and a bunch of emails - both for his skills and just fitting right in.
First bike memory: Riding off stairs at low speed is a bad idea
Other Interests: The Outdoors, Camping/ hunting and RC Crawlers
Best riding experience in the last 5 years: Whistler Bikepark!
Favorite piece of cycling equipment or gear: Suspension and Steel frames
Dream riding destination: Moab, Utah 


Alumni: Nate started out as our resident cyclocross and XC mountain bike racer. He was part-time and getting educated back then. Now he is a gravity addict on his mountain bike. Nate now pounds nails and turns piles of lumber into house shaped things (and he loves it).

First bike memory: throwing my bike on the ground and yelling I HATE biking.
Other interests: hunting.
Best riding experience: BC enduro series panorama - epic event with lots of sweet people.
Favourite piece of gear: We Are One Union wheelset
Dream destination: Tweed valley would be epic


Alumni: Keith is our former head mechanic and is still a good friend of the shop while he has turned his focus on Overlanding Toyotas. He was a part of Bike Bros for many years. He is really gifted when it comes to mechanics of all types and has a vast knowledge/experience with a number of brands in both the Mountain Bike and Road Bike categories. Keith doesn't like having his picture seen on social media so this is him hidden in Camo in the mountains...



Alumni: Carson is a licensed auto-mechanic but prefers to practice his wizardry on bicycles (he went back to the auto industry but still drops by to say hello). Throughout his training and work time as a mechanic (bike or car), Carson has always had the highest level of quality.

On a bike, Carson is pretty gifted: especially if given the chance to be launched into the air.


Alumni: Ryan is the most energetic person ever. He is fun to be around and puts his energy into helping customers. His energy and positivity are now being enjoyed in Fernie

Outside of work Ryan is always outdoors and adventuring; be it bike, kayak, hiking, on snow, surfing...