Letterman proved it. People love Top 10 Lists! Here's why we think you should shop at Bike Bros.


Top 10 reasons to shop at Bike Bros.

  1. Selection: 400+ top quality bikes to choose from
  2. Knowledge: we know our stuff - more than 50 years bike industry experience between the staff
  3. Happiness: the way you'll feel after someone actually treats you like a valued customer
  4. Drive: a nice short drive on the highway is better than battling city traffic
  5. Parking: Cochrane is NOT the most annoying or expensive city to park - free parking at our front door!
  6. Ice Cream: you deserve some Mackay's Ice Cream... one more thing to do in town. Don't forget the rest of our Historic Downtown too including Fence & Post Restaurant and Cochrane Coffee Traders!
  7. Because: buyer's remorse sucks - usually a sad side-effect of buying a bad product from an idiot sales-guy (NOT shopping at Bike Bros.)
  8. Size: We used to be able to say that we were small enough to keep things personal and intimate. Now we can say that we're big enough to offer everything you need but still believe in keeping it personalized.
  9. Coffee: We sell beans and have been known to serve a darn fine Latte or Americano... no car-dealership muddy water here.
  10. This: website. I sure hope people recognise that we're trying to offer a modern website but are also trying to give some insight and some personality.