Bike Bros. DGBs - Damn Good Bibs by Bike Bros.

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These are a different kind of bib short. These  ARE NOT high-compression shorts. The design and farbric used offer the comfort of a chamois without feeling like you have a loose diaper (like many shorts designed specifically to be worn under mountain/gravel shorts) yet also doesn't feel like you're being crushed. These are ultra-light, using Korean made Lycra, 230g weight, made with 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. The chamois design offers maximum comfort for an ultralight pad. Even the suspenders are highly elastic and light weight so you don't ever think about them - and when it is time for a natural break, the suspender's and short's stretch allow a pee without taking half your gear off.

Additional details: The cuff on the legs is exta wide to prevent sausage casing legs and has a wide section of silicone grip material so the legs don't creep up and leg warmers don't creep down. They also include generous reflective ink.

These bibs are designed to be worn alone for the roady look or as undershorts for mountain biking or gravel riding where baggie's over-top is more the norm.


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