9point8 Fall Line 175-200mm Stroke Dropper Seatpost 30.9mm / 560mm x 200mm / CR OFFSET 25mm Offset Back (Oval+Round Rails; Ti Fasteners)

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For those riders looking to slacken their effective seat post angle, the 25mm rearward offset on this post will do just that.

Some riders don't get along with the ultra-steep seat angles used on some modern mountain bikes. This seatpost can move your seat back enough to add some reach and put you into a more aggressive climbing position.



  • Black-Ti coated Titanium hardware. Anti-galling. Inline/Offset CR heads only.
  • State-of-the-art rotational anti-backlash design (Patent Pending).
  • Light weight: from 462g post only.
  • Independent adjustment of the seat angle and seat fore/aft position
  • Micro-adjustable seat angle.
  • Telescopic lock in push and pull (pick up your bike by the saddle!)
  • 2 year warranty
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