Giant Bicycles Giant Men's Phase 2 Shoe 2020

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Road shoe with both road and spd cleat mounts.


Maximize comfort and improve your power output with this new sport road shoe that combines a stiff and efficient Force Drive composite outsole with an ErgoComfort insole. Replaceable rubber studs on the tread let you move around with confidence when you’re off the bike.


  • QUICKFIT™ UPPER: Tighter and closer to your feet, QuickFit™ allows the upper to better conform to the instep. The proprietary 3X buckle system offers three times faster fit versus traditional buckle fit systems while preserving the precise adjustments you need.
  • FORCE DRIVE NYLON OUTSOLE: Clipless with a Streamlined Tread & the anti-slip Studs. Nylon outsole is recommended for sport level riders with optimized stiffness, so the leg drive more directly to move forward. The Streamlined Tread matches perfect with speed needs. And the anti-slip Studs in front and rear of outsole provide walking ability with traction.
  • AirStream™ 4-Vent Cooling System: The ErgoComfort Insole features a 3D design that fits the curve of your foot sole to prevent over-deform during pedaling and let your heels sit stable in the heel cup.
  • 2DENSITY ERGOCOMFORT™ INSOLE: Two densities of EVA are adopted according to pedaling motion needed; softer in the front for sustained riding and harder at back for heel stability.
  • ON-ROAD COMFORT LAST: Last design to optimize comfort and fit during On-Road cycling.
  • HEEL FORCE BAND: A unique support belt extends from the top of the heel down to the outsole that helps transfer upward force to the pedals for a more efficient pedal stroke.
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